Your bed could become a productive unit in your everyday life!  All you need is the right ‘equipment’ and attitude.  Winter is the right time to cultivate that attitude. Spending more time in thoughtful contemplation under our wonderful blankets and throws. There are so many everyday tasks that can be done effectively from the comfort of your bed!

By ‘equipment’ I mean bedding and blankets. In winter, the fabulous Linen Drawer bedding takes second place to the Linen Drawer blankets. They occupy pride of place on your bed and contribute absolute comfort and warmth throughout the winter months.

At Linen Drawer we have blankets to suit all weathers. 100% Cotton Over-dyethrows are perfect for the cooler days of autumn and early winter.  The variety of colours available are enough to make you want several. Made from soft cotton yarns woven in a plain weave, they are very easy to decorate with or to update a current decor scheme. https://www.linendrawer.co.za/throws-blankets/pure-cotton-overdyed-throws

100% Pure cotton Horizon throws are knitted for extra warmth, trapping air in the channels between the stitches and providing comfort and warmth in the most natural way. They are available in different sizes – from travel or baby size right through to king size. Sizing is generous and these blankets are multipurpose.  They are super used as throws, in bedrooms, patios or sitting rooms.  They can also be used as blankets – with a flat sheet, or over your duvet for extra warmth. One of these is never enough – you will find yourself wanting a Pure Cotton HorizonThrow in every room to ensure your comfort! https://www.linendrawer.co.za/throws-blankets/horizon-pure-cotton-throws

When the cold really bites – then its time for an Acrylic Fur Pile blanket.  Woven in the softest, snuggliest acrylic fibres, their warmth and comfort are enough to chase away all winter blues! They are available in lovely colours of stone, dove, eggshell and bone. https://www.linendrawer.co.za/throws-blankets/acrylic-furpile

If you feel the cold, but hate heavy bedding, then a Hinterveld Blanket or throw is perfect for you. Produced in South Africa, from the finest mohair, silk, and wool, these blankets are the most luxurious and comfortable to sleep under. Hinterveld produces various ranges – the ultra-luxurious baby kid mohair, mohair blended with softest alpaca, mohair with silk, or mohair blended with wool and nylon to ensure easy care. All their blankets are investment pieces and with proper care should last a lifetime.  https://www.linendrawer.co.za/throws-blankets/hinterveld-mohair-throws-blankets

We understand winter very well – whether it is a rainy, misty Cape winter or a crisp, freezing Highveld winter. Be prepared and ready to enjoy the winter season, all you need is an armful of Linen Drawer blankets and good company!



May is the month dedicated to mothers and motherhood. Mother’s Day falls in the middle of the month (13 May) this year, and we would like to dedicate the whole month to mothers.

By ‘mothers’ we naturally mean any woman who has had a nurturing influence in your life. Apart from my mother, who certainly influenced my life, I can count a handful of other woman whose benevolent care shaped, and still affects, my life.

So, it’s cheers to these life-givers!

In order to help you celebrate this very important month we are running a competition throughout the whole month. Click on https://www.linendrawer.co.za/specials-competitions for further details.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the month of May is the fullest month of Spring.  New growth and rebirth are celebrated and summer is anticipated with joy.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the month of May is the last month of Autumn. It is a time of fruitfulness and preparation for winter. Although days are warm, the evening chills have us reaching for those warm throws and extra blankets.

Now is the time to shop for your 100%Cotton Horizon Throws, Down duvets, and wintersheeting. There is nothing worse than that unexpected cold snap that has you suddenly searching for warm bedding!

At Linen Drawer this month is a very busy one. After our relocation to larger premises, we are operating at 100% again. We are anticipating treating our customers to all sorts of ‘special offers’, promotions and information sessions. Watch the Linen Drawer Facebook page and our website to see what we are planning. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and special offers.

Remember, a customized set of bed linen is a wonderful gift for anyone, especially the woman who has shaped your life. We can satin-stitch, hemstitch or embroider to your specification– making your choice of gift, a treasure. Need special sized bedding? No problem, we take care of that for you too.

Break out the bubbly, and let’s celebrate the sultry autumn days and the wonderful women who shape our lives!

Does colour really affect your mood?

Have you ever found yourself feeling antsy in a red room, or serene and relaxed in a blue room? For centuries artists and scientists have believed that colour has a profound impact on a person’s mood and behaviour.

Colour psychology, the study of how colour affects mood, is one of the most important factors taken into account by marketers, artists and designers. Whilst colour perception is subjective, and much of our colour perception is determined by our culture, there is no doubt that we are instinctively affected differently by warm and cool colours.

One study showed that warm-coloured placebo pills were reported as more effective than blue-coloured placebo pills, whilst another showed that the colour red causes people to react with greater speed and urgency. In some cities, the installation of blue-coloured street lights had a major impact on reducing crime.

Linen Drawer is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of top quality home textiles, and has a wide variety of products to choose from in all the colours of the rainbow:


Described as warm, passionate and intense, the colour red can evoke feelings of love and warmth, but is also sometimes associated with anger. It is energetic, and is a great colour to use around the home in bursts, especially with white and grey. A pop of red in your office could do wonders for productivity!


The colour blue is associated with calmness and serenity, and is one of the most popular colours.Though it promotes tranquillity, some also perceive it as cold. There is an association between blue and reliability, which is why major businesses such as financial institutions choose blue for their logo and branding. It is a popular colour for bedrooms and children’s rooms.


Green is associated with nature and the outdoors, and symbolises good luck, health and tranquillity. The colour is often used for relieving stress as it has a calming effect. Studies have shown that when a person is in a green environment, their muscles are more relaxed and their pituitary gland is stimulated (a pea-size structure at the base of the brain that produces critical hormones). The effect is calming and stress-relieving.


The colour yellow is attention-grabbing, bright and warm. It is considered the most fatiguing colour to the eye because of the high amount of light that it reflects, so it is best used in small doses around the home or office.

Though it is bright and cheerful, yellow is also linked to frustration. Because of its ability to draw attention, it is a popular choice for notice boards, traffic signs and advertisements.



The symbol of royalty and wealth, purple also represents wisdom and spirituality. It creates an air of decadence, and is often described as “luxurious”. As such, it’s a lovely colour to incorporate in the bedroom or living room.

Because it’s also seen as a creative stimulant, purple can be used in creative spaces such as art rooms, workshop venues and offices of writers, designers and creatives.


Orange is considered an energetic colour associated with feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Because of its attention-grabbing abilities it is a popular colour for branding.

Because orange is prominent in nature (think citrus fruit, sunsets and autumn leaves), it often conjures up feelings of comfort and warmth. Use in bursts around the home.



The colour white is traditionally associated with cleanliness and purity. Because of its brightness, white can convey a sense of spaciousness. However, when overused, it can seem sterile and cold. For some, white has a “blank canvas” effect, making them feel inspired. For others, it is bland and unfriendly. We recommend white a base colour, combined with other colours of your choice.

All products available on www.linendrawer.co.za

No matter what your home or office colour scheme, Linen Drawer has a range of elegant throws and blankets to complement it.


Anyone who has moved house, flat or business will agree when I say that moving is an emotional and stressful time.  The warm glow of anticipation, the bright dream of new home/office/business premises, all fade day by day – whittled away by planning, planning and still more planning.

Linen Drawer and Linen Drawer Manufacturing are moving premises in the last week of February/ early March. We have planned the move very carefully, in order to ensure a seamless transition and keep our clients’ orders rolling out, and hope that the execution is as meticulous as the planning.  Our customers’ requirements always come first, and our intention is minimum disruption and a smooth transfer from one location to the next.

In reality the excitement tends to bubble out every time we visit or think about the new premises which Linen Drawer will be relocating to.  A fizzy, sort of breathless feeling takes hold of us, and we start grinning like idiots and say things like “this is so great, we will eventually have enough space!” and “I am looking forward to having a lovely big showroom/office/factory”.

Of course, this doesn’t happen simultaneously to all of us.  We could be sitting in a production meeting, and someone will have that crazy grin spread across their face and say “I am looking forward to having outside seating for the staff canteen!”  Then Jimmy, our CEO, says “Guys, let’s focus please?” then it’s back to business again.

So, a sneak peek:  Linen Drawer, 12F Louws Avenue, Paarl will have a bigger factory, more storage space, offices for all our admin staff, shady parking in front of the building for our customers, a large showroom/shop on the ground floor with a nook for partners, space to host training and promotions and security cameras for safety.

Of course, we are going to have a launch party as soon as we are happily settled, and we’ll invite all the neighbours too. There is a lovely décor store down the road, and rumours of an upmarket coffee shop opening right next door.  Truly a one stop décor and lifestyle destination. We look forward to welcoming you at Linen Drawer, 12F Louws Avenue, Paarl, from the 7 March 2018.

All we have to do now is survive the actual, physical move of a business that has been in the same premises for almost eight years, and a fully equipped bed linen manufacturing plant that has been growing rapidly for four and a half years!  Wish us luck!


Confronted by the mindboggling array of bedding and bed linen options available, what motivates your choice and how can you be sure it’s the best product for you?

At Linen Drawer we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of bed linen, and what types of fabric are suitable for different climates and situations. A quick aside: We do not recommend polyester or polyester blend fabrics…ever, as they are not perfectly comfortable and do not have the healthy-sleep properties of pure cotton or pure linen bedding.

We have discussed this matter extensively, chatted tomany of our customers and tapped the best minds in the industry… to come up with this simple plan:

Ask – What can I spend? If you are price sensitive then choose a lower thread count – it will be just as durable and comfortable but will cost a little less. If price is a minor concern then the higher thread counts – 300, 400, 600 and pure linen – may be more suitable.

Ask – crisp or soft? Do you like crisp or soft bed linen?  If the answer is crisp – choose 100% cotton percale in 200 or 300 thread count, or pure linen bed linen.  If the answer is soft – choose a 100% cotton sateen weave in 400 or 600 thread count. Make sure that you touch the fabric that you are expecting to sleep on!

Ask – Where will the bedding be used? The end use, whether a spare bed, your own bed or your children’s, will determine your choice. Generally, ask the above two questions when making this decision. For instance, you might want your baby sleeping on soft, silky 400 thread count sateen weave, or your little boy on serviceable 200 thread count cotton percale.

Ask – What colour do I want?  At Linen Drawer we can offer so many options:  We stockWhite, Duck egg, Grey, Cream and Taupe 200 thread count cotton percale, and White, Sand, Slate and Blue Vapour 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. We also stock 300 and 600 thread count in white, as well as Pure Linen in white. If you have specific colour matching requirements, we can embroider and satin-stitch in any colour to match your bed-room colour scheme.

Where water quality is a problem and borehole water is used to do the laundry, Taupebed linen rather than pure white…may be more suitable.

Easy? Of course!  Any other questions? We stand by our commitmentto provide advice and assistance in providing answers to all queries. Mail us at info@linendrawer.co.zaor contact us directly by phoning +27 21 872 0108.


Laundry is a fact of life – like taxes and death, it spares no-one. Unless you are one of the fortunate few who can say that they never do laundry, this article might help you understand how best to care for your bed linen.

Linen Drawer attaches a wash care label to all bed linen. This shows the size, the fabric composition and the washing instructions. The washing instructions are the result of in depth knowledge of the fabric – not just something dreamed up by Linen Drawer, andfor best results, should be adhered to as closely as possible when laundering the bed linen.

Machine wash (plus temperature) – This indicates that the bedding product can be machine washed at the specified temperature. It is necessary to wash at this temperature in order to clean the bedding properly. Body fluids and oils on the bedding are removed in hot (60ºC) water with detergent. Like washing your dishes in cold water, one will not get a great result from washing your bed linen at cool temperatures.

Another function of the hot (60ºC) wash, is to develop the shrinkage allowance which has been added / built into the bed linen. Should this not be developed, the bedding will appear larger, and will not fit properly. Shrinkage in 100% cotton and linen products is only fully developed after 5 – 6 washes in hot water. Please wash all bedding after purchase and before use.

Do not bleach – Bleaching 100% cotton or linen bedding will result in yellow marks on the bedding. Bleach weakens the cotton fibres, which can result in holes and tears appearing in the product. To remove stubborn stains, please refer to our website: https://www.linendrawer.co.za/resources/advice-on-stain-removal which has a comprehensive guide on stain removal, or if all else fails feel free to contact us at info@linendrawer.co.za

Warm iron – Cotton is best ironed with a hot iron (3 dots), while the fabric is slightly damp.Make sure though that there is no steam or moisture trapped in the bedding after ironing, when the bed linen is packed away, asmoisture on the bed linen can lead to mould developing on the bedding.

Do not dry clean – It is unnecessary to dry clean cotton and linen bedding. Dry cleaning is a ‘cold process’ which does not allow the shrinkages to develop in the product. Additionally, the chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process may affect the dyes on the satin stitching and embroidery.

May be tumble-dried – Recommended if bed linen cannot be line dried outside. Tumble drying until almost dry is advised, so that the bed linen maintains some moisture, prior to being ironed with a hot iron.

At Linen Drawer we are committed to offering our clients the best possible service – whether it be products or information.  Please contact us should you have any queries – remember that there is nothing like an unnecessary question, and we welcome all queries! Happy Laundry Day!!


How often do you take a good look at the mattresses and pillows in your home? Chances are… not very often. Did you know that clean fresh pillows and mattresses contribute significantly to sleep comfort?

At Linen Drawer we are committed to helping you select pillow and mattress protectors that work for you. The small cost of protectors for pillows and mattresses is far outweighed by their benefits.

A quick run through of the many benefits will serve to enlighten you:

There are 4 differing types of Mattress and Pillow protectors available. They are Terry towelling, Waterproof, Quilted,and Laminated. The following characteristics will assist you with selecting the correct product:

Terry Towelling:

• Pure cotton terry towelling
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Breathable
• Not waterproof or dust mite proof.

Waterproof: (not readily available any longer)

• Old technology
• Terry cotton towelling with PVC coating
• Waterproof and dust mite proof
• Not breathable – uncomfortable
• Noisy – crackling noise
• Peels after repeated washing


• Multiple layers with polyester filling
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Breathable
• Not waterproof or dust mite proof

Laminated: (also known as Waterproof)

• Two layers of fabric and waterproof PU laminate
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Waterproof and dust mite proof
• Breathable

You can see that there are obvious differences between the products available, and they are suited for different uses. It would be wise to chat to the informed staff at Linen Drawer when purchasing, or have a look at the products at https://www.linendrawer.co.za/beds-and-protectors/mattress-pillow-protectors