How often do you take a good look at the mattresses and pillows in your home? Chances are… not very often. Did you know that clean fresh pillows and mattresses contribute significantly to sleep comfort?

At Linen Drawer we are committed to helping you select pillow and mattress protectors that work for you. The small cost of protectors for pillows and mattresses is far outweighed by their benefits.

A quick run through of the many benefits will serve to enlighten you:

There are 4 differing types of Mattress and Pillow protectors available. They are Terry towelling, Waterproof, Quilted,and Laminated. The following characteristics will assist you with selecting the correct product:

Terry Towelling:

• Pure cotton terry towelling
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Breathable
• Not waterproof or dust mite proof.

Waterproof: (not readily available any longer)

• Old technology
• Terry cotton towelling with PVC coating
• Waterproof and dust mite proof
• Not breathable – uncomfortable
• Noisy – crackling noise
• Peels after repeated washing


• Multiple layers with polyester filling
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Breathable
• Not waterproof or dust mite proof

Laminated: (also known as Waterproof)

• Two layers of fabric and waterproof PU laminate
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Waterproof and dust mite proof
• Breathable

You can see that there are obvious differences between the products available, and they are suited for different uses. It would be wise to chat to the informed staff at Linen Drawer when purchasing, or have a look at the products at



At Linen Drawer we hear all the woes of laundry day – red wine, blood, sunblock, and the dreaded make-up stains! Of course, as a host it is impossible to forbid guests to wear make-up, but these stains do seem to be tougher than most to eradicate from bed linen and towels.

A two-step approach works best – firstly treat the stain as soon as possible. Do not allow the stain to “set”. Then you will need the following:

1. Old towel to put behind the stain you are treating
2. Good quality liquid dishwasher
3. Small soft brush – old toothbrush
4. Hydrogen peroxide solution 3%
5. Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
6. Baby wipes
7. Small soft cloth for rubbing stain

If the stain is “fresh” try rubbing gently with Baby wipe. If stain persists – identify what you think it is. Lipstick is best treated with rubbing alcohol on the small cloth.

Mascara, eye-liner, eye-shadow, and blusher respond well to dishwashing detergent and warm water. Place the towel behind the stain, apply the “solution” and rub gently with either the soft toothbrush or small cloth. Allow the worked-on stain to stay with the solution on, and then rinse in tepid water (never hot, as it might “set’ remnants of the stain). If stain persists repeat treatment. Once stain has been removed, launder whole item as normal. Do not iron before checking whether stains are completely removed.

Liquid foundation can be removed with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Dampen small cloth and apply to stain. Follow the same procedure as above and then launder as normal, taking care not to iron before you are sure the stain totally gone.

To remove nail polish – hopefully sooner than later – use acetone (nail polish remover) to stain with small cloth and dab until all is absorbed and polish is removed. Launder as normal.

Kiss stains goodbye following the above procedures! Remember the friendly staff at Linen Drawer are always ready to assist with any stain removal problems.


I look forward to writing this blog every year.  This is where the team from Linen Drawer express our sincere gratitude towards our clients, suppliers and co-workers.

Gratefulness has been proven to have physical benefits as well as the more obvious mental and spiritual benefits.  Showing and experiencing gratitude is good for you.

Recent research has shown that people who express more gratitude have fewer aches and pains, better sleep and stronger mental clarity.

The expression of gratitude has measurable effects on our lives; when we express more gratitude, we become more empathetic and have increased goodwill towards others.

It’s quite simple really – if you appreciate something you take better care of it. This extends to health, relationships, friends, clients, and our businesses.  In fact, all areas of our lives.

What about gratitude in tough times?  Its easy to be grateful when things are going well, but studies have shown that people who habitually show gratitude are capable of experiencing it even when rough times hit.

 In the face of brokenness, gratitude has the power to heal and bring hope, and help us cope.

So, with hearts full of thankfulness, we want to say “Thank you!” to our clients. You are the people who always come first, who support us and who help us expand our services and products.  We hope to keep improving!

Thank you also to our suppliers.  Thanks for supplying products that we can proudly endorse and thank you for staying the course with us in our efforts towards bettering ourselves.

Finally, a big thank you to the staff and workers at Linen Drawer and Linen Drawer Manufacturing.  You make every day unique.

Your enthusiasm and work ethic contribute to making the company a wonderful work environment. I am truly grateful to be part of the Linen Drawer family and for the opportunities that I have been given.

From all of us, from me to you – we are grateful! Thank you!


Linen Drawer would like to spoil you this year over Christmas. We would like to make your gift shopping easy peasy! Have a look at the wonderful services we offer in customising gifts for you.
A special gift says “I care” when it has been personalised with embroidery, satin stitch or hemstitching. Popular gift options are monogrammed pillowcases, towels, and bedding. We can match the colour of the monogram with a beautiful row of satin stitching. Embroideredlaundry bags are very popular and can have lovely designs added to make them a personal and special gift.

We offer you this service on products suitable for customisation, such a bed linen, towels, andtable linen.  We can even gift wrap and include a card should you wish – for no additional fee.

A set of lovely table napkins embroidered with a Christmas motif is also a lovely gift – festive, useful and unique.  Match that with a table cloth or table runner, embroidered to match, and you have a gift any hostess would love and appreciate.

For the man in the house, we have slippers that can be embroidered and lovely Egyptian cotton and Towelling gowns that can be personalised.  These are gifts show thought and care in selection and customising.  We make it ultra-easy for you by offering free gift wrapping on these orders as well.

The only difficulty you will have is deciding which gifts to give and which to keep for yourself.  Linen Drawer makes Christmas gift giving what it should be – a simple joyful pleasure!


It is easy to become totally silly when speaking about Christmas. There is so much joy and anticipation associated with the festive season thatI need to focus my mind on the sensible to get the best out of this joyous season.

Around October I start to feel that there’s something I should be aware of…and it takes me a while to realise that the something… is that Christmas is only a few months away. Then the lists start – gifts, food, shopping, to-do’s, must happens, and more. I am proud to report steady progress in having a relaxing and relativelystress-free Christmas as the years move on, and I come to realize the true meaning of Christmas.

The most important aspect is the joy and tingling anticipation that these Holy days evoke.  Joy because the message of Christmas is universal – joy and peace to all mankind. Anticipation is the less spiritual side of this, and it’s all about the gifts, the celebration, the twinkling lights, the sense of well-being and relaxation, contemplating the happy faces around you.

Christmas is about giving. The most joy is derived from seeing the happy faces when unwrapping lovely gifts, seeing the enjoyment that togetherness and sharing bring to the whole family. Giving of your time is the most precious gift of all and says that you care so much. Time spent together with friends and family is precious and it is here that the memories and stories of a lifetime originate.

I must share that the Linen Drawer team look forward to Christmas with great anticipation. We discuss decorations, food, venues, guests and other weighty issues with fervour – all with the Linen Drawer year end party in mind.  Every year we stop work just before Christmas and take the afternoon off. This is to celebrate and honour the efforts of all the staff members in making Linen Drawer a successful business. Without them Linen Drawer would cease to exist, and this fact is celebrated by enjoying a relaxed and fun time with good food and fun games.

At Linen Drawer the Christmas season and the time leading up to it is a very busy period. Orders are processed and every client must be happy with their order! We offer you easy gift shopping options like personalised bed linen, beautiful Egyptian cotton gowns, embroidered table linen and many more lovely items (Visit our webpage  It’s as easy as a mouse click and you will have made a loved one so happy!

So, bring on the twinkling fairy lights, the glittering tinsel, ‘snowy’ Christmas trees, bright baubles, green, red, gold and silver decorations of all shapes and forms. Play the Christmas music, the carols and popular songs. Gather the family and friends to celebrate, sharing time and gifts with loved ones. Feel the love and peace that are the true gifts of Christmas!


Changing the style and colour scheme of your home is difficult if you don’t have the time and the budget to invest in such an exercise.  How often we wish for a magic wand to freshen and brighten our sitting rooms, bedrooms and other living areas.

Easy – invest in some of these beautiful scatter cushions. Simply match the exclusive designs and colours with your existing decor scheme, buy, and place on sofa/bed/chair.  Voila! You have updated and changed the look of your living spaces in one easy step.

They are made locally from top quality fabric and are sold with their inners, which are duck down and feathers.  Quality from outside to inside!

Look at the wonderful range of colours and styles – you will be spoiled for choice and there is definitely a scatter with your name on it.

Celebrate The Colours Of The Rainbow With Hinterveld Song On The Radio

Like a song on the radio stirs a past memory, we hope our colours will also capture you in some small way…

Hinterveld’s Song On The Radio collection comprises brushed wool blankets that add a stylish touch to every occasion. They’re perfect for adding a pop of colour in the bedroom, on the couch, or even around the camp fire. Long-lasting and extremely durable, the blankets consist of 49% wool, 32% mohair and 19% nylon.

How to care for your Hinterveld Song On The Radio blankets:

Cold wash and rinse by hand only. Flat dry.

The range comprises 15 striking colours:

Hinterveld Song On The Radio Blankets are available on Free delivery throughout South Africa.