It’s Fathers Day on Sunday 19 June. Time to celebrate the “fathers” in our lives. Time to make them feel special. Time to let them know how much we appreciate them and how thankful we are for what they do for us.

For those of us that need to know the origins of things, here is a brief insight:


Father’s day originated in the USA and was celebrated by many churches as a day to honour Fathers everywhere.

President Lyndon B Johnson declared the day a national holiday in 1966, but it was declared a permanent holiday when Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972. Despite initial resistance Father’s Day has become a popular holiday, rivalling Mother’s Day.

The commercial value of Father’s Day is substantial and it remains a day celebrated all over the world.  In South Africa it is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.  This year it happens to be on the 19th of June.


Being a father does not necessarily have to be purely a biological connection.  You can father a person without any family ties. How often we hear successful people saying “he was like a father to me, and I owe him so much.” Such wonderful words of recognition are precious and affirming.

Being a father is such a huge responsibility that recognition and appreciation are due in spade-fulls for the fathers of this world. Fatherhood doesn’t end when your children are grown. It is, like motherhood, an ongoing and never-ending commitment to the welfare of your ‘off-spring.’ Acknowledgement of this commitment and the daily work that it takes to be the best father possible should be a daily priority, but sadly many of us we take our fathers’ totally for granted. That is why Father’s Day is such an important day in the calendar.

Should you be a father in any sense of the word, we at Linen Drawer feel that this is your day to be shown recognition for the valuable contribution you make to your children and to society as a whole.

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You can make it happen for Dad by clicking herehttp://www.linendrawer.co.za/to see whattreats we have for the father in your life.

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