It is autumn, and winter, as they say, is coming. Thoughts turn to cozy fires, comforting warm beds and Hinterveld blankets. What are Hinterveld blankets? They are the most beautiful, interesting, stylish blankets and throws you will find anywhere….made from a host of mostly natural fibres, from wool and kid mohair to silk, and …you guessed it, alpaca.

Need to know more about these exciting blankets and throws?

The folks at Hinterveld have introduced a few new ranges this year that are sure to impress you with their beautiful colours and innovative fabric blends which always ensurebeautiful, warm, lightweight blankets for these chilly months.

I recently visited an Alpaca weaving studio and farm See found out that alpacas are similar to Lamas, but smaller, prettier and generally quite special. Their wool is especially soft and silky and very light in weight.

I was impressed by the variety of natural colours that are found in alpaca wool, ranging from creamy white through the tones of biscuit, caramel to chocolate brown, as well as greys ranging from pale grey right through to charcoal and black.

The sheer luxury of the fibres is reminiscent of cashmere. Alpaca has the same softness and lightness that cashmere has. The big difference is that alpaca wool is available in South Africa, as many farmers are realising the wonderful potential of these sweet fluffy animals.

The company that manufactures Hinterveld blankets has combined this wonderful yarn with silk to make blankets and throws. The range is called “Rhapsody” and the blankets are truly magnificent! The softness and warmth of these blankets is virtually unparalleled. An investment in one of these blankets or throws will give you many years of comfort and luxurious warmth….in style.

So, while you may not find an alpaca on your bed, if you are one of the fortunate few, you could find yourself with a beautiful blanket produced from the wool of the alpaca. Altogether a much better idea.

Linen Drawer are proud suppliers of Hinterveld blankets and offer the full range of blankets and throws.Click hereto check out the ranges and to buy yours today. (links to ) As with all items purchased from our website, delivery is free to anywhere in S.A.

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