How often do you hear people saying:” I hate summer, I really can’t stand the heat?” Summer in South Africa is not a joke.  But I do disagree with these feelings of apathy and despair.

There is nothing better than waking up early on a summer’s morning, the sky lightening with the first rays of the sun, stretching sleepy limbs on crisp cool percale bed linen, and feeling the well-being that a night’s rest on pure cotton bedding brings.  The day beckons, and the morning is precious – the shimmery heat and beating sun are a reality – but not yet, for a few hours the morning is yours to enjoy and the fullness of summertime envelops you.

On hot summer days we look for coolness – food, drinks, clothing, bedding, shelter.  There are wide choices when it comes to ‘beating the heat’ but it is worth considering the choice of bedding as being one of the most important of the lifestyle alterations to make in summer.

Simply put, we spend about a third of our lives asleep.  Enjoying a good night’s sleep on pure cotton or linenbedding is a sensible choice to make.  Replace your old poly cotton sheets and duvet covers with crisp 100%cotton bedding. Cool, freshly laundered 100% cotton or linen bedding is one of the great luxuries of the world – all our senses are soothed and satisfied when slipping into such a bed.  The promise of sleep during which our bodies breathe naturally and feel cool all night is priceless.

Natural fibres, from which cotton and linen are made, have the ability to regulate body temperature, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep and wake up cool and refreshed.

So enjoy summer by sleeping on crisp cotton or linen, and using all our other bedding and bath products.  Find us at: change your life. Seize that morning!


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