Pure linen is currently the subject of conversation on so many platforms.  It is one of the most healthful and comfortable choices for bed linen, and many of our customers are choosing it because of these facts.  Pure linen bedding from Linen Drawer will last for many years provided it is cared for properly.

Linen is a natural fibre, and some basic principles apply when laundering it:

Pure linen can be machine washed at 60̊ Celsius.  Use liquid detergent that is suitable for use in hot water.  Rinse the laundry well – I find a little lemon juice in the last rinse, no more than 125ml in 10litres of water is sufficient to remove the very last traces of detergent.

Never bleach or dry clean pure linen – stains can be removed in other ways (refer to our stain removal guides http://www.linendrawer.co.za/resources/advice-on-stain-removal Bleaching damages and weakens the natural fibres of pure linen.

Dry in direct sunlight, or tumble dry till just off damp.   Ironing with a hot iron is advised when the linen bedding is slightly damp as this really results in a smooth product. Make sure linen is totally dry before folding and storing.

If you like your linen with a ‘washed’ look – slight creasing across the fabric – merely hang out to dry fully, fold and store.

As pure linen ages it becomes softer and even more luxurious, and your heirs will thank you for taking good care of your linen bedding!

Linen Drawer is a specialist producer and supplier of bed and bath linen. We sell to the hospitality and Décor industries and to discerning customers around the world are :Bedding, Duvet Covers, Linen, Bed Linen Egyptian Cotton and Baby Bedding …all available at http://www.linendrawer.co.za


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