Your bed companions are a private matter, but which bedding you are sleeping under is our immediate concern.   At Linen Drawer we take sleeping comfort very seriously.  It is our mission to ensure that your sleep experience is comfortable and healthy.

Sleeping under 100% cotton or linen is a healthy option. The benefits of natural fibres have been discussed at length in our blogs and on the website: http://www.linendrawer.co.za/blog

Take stock of your bedding; now is the time to donate or toss those pilled poly-cotton sheets and duvet covers you have been saving for that rainy day. What you gain by using poly-cotton in wrinkle-free/reduced bedding, is lost in the discomfort of sleeping on and under a product that is not 100% natural. You deserve to sleep in the best, and we have the best for you.

The most luxurious and comfortable choice is pure linen. Pure linen bedding; sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers that have been embroidered or hemstitched, ensure a supremely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience. Investing in beauty and comfort has never felt so good.

Linen Drawer also has 400 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding. Bed linen made from this splendid fabric is silky smooth and marvellously comfortable. Cool in summer and warm and light in winter, it is the choice of many discerning customers.

Our 600 thread count 100% pure cotton sateen is so luxurious and sensuous that it could start a bed addiction. You might never want to leave your 600 thread count bedding – giving a new twist to lounging around all day in pyjamas.

The problem is what to choose? This is where the able and willing team at Linen Drawer can help you. By assessing your preferences and needs, we can recommend the correct products that will ensure you enjoy every night in your new bedding. We offer a full embroidery and satin-stitching service should you wish to colour co-ordinate your bed linen with the colour scheme of your bedroom. Pure linen can also be hemstitched, resulting in an heirloom piece which you can enjoy using for many years.

A new set of bed linen from Linen Drawer is a life changing experience.  You deserve only the best! Happy sleeping – whatever you choose to sleep under.

Other products that are produced and / or sold by Linen Drawer to the hospitality and Décor industries and to discerning customers around the world are:  Duvets, Towels, Baby Bedding and Blankets. All quality products and all just a click away at www.linendrawer.co.za


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