The approach of winter always makes me feel a little sad. Summer is like a good friend; accepting, cheerful,uncomplicated and sometimes overly warm.  Winter has a completely different feel – apart from the obvious temperature difference- more like a friend whom you really like, but are just a little less at ease with, someone who keeps you on your toes and challenges you daily.

The mornings are crisper, the days shortening and leaves are turning colour and starting to drop.   Winter in the Western Cape is the best kept secret in South Africa.  Winter here is cold, but not bone chillingly terrible, and hopefully mostly rainy.  Sometimes we have snow – and everyone goes crazy and wants to see it, but all things considered, our winters are just wintery enough to make you want to snuggle deep under the softest, warmest Linen Drawer bedding bought specially for such days.

Of course, at Linen Drawer we are huge fans of these chilly winter months – because we have everything to ensure you stay warm and toasty throughout the season.  I encourage you to have a look – we have you covered when it comes to the big chill!

Our beautiful bedding in 400 and 600 thread count is known to be soft and comfortable – making it very difficult to get up out of bed on those chilly autumn and winter mornings. Or maybe you need the extra warmth of pure brushed cotton winter sheeting?

If you add apure down duvet and pillow inners, the process becomes a little more difficult.  Feeling extra chilly?  Add a pure cotton Horizon throw, or a Hinterveld mohair blanket.  You are now in trouble – it would take a superhuman effort to leap out of that bed!

The only thing that could tempt me out of bed on a winter’s morning would be the prospect of a long hot bath or shower. After towelling off with Linen Drawer’s softest and fluffiest towels, I would enjoy a cup of hot chocolate snuggled in my thick towelling gown made from 100% cotton and embroidered with my personal logo.

We even have the solution to variably heated partners.   Acknowledging the fact that a perfect partnership is based on compromise and acceptance, we call this fitted sheet the ‘Compromise’ sheet. We combine soft warm brushed cotton on half the sheet with crisp cool cotton percale on the other.  We manufacture these to order and have had great feedback. At Linen Drawer we try to think out of the box!

 The Compromise fitted sheet

Other products that Linen Drawer produce and or sell to the hospitality and Decor industries or to  discerning customers around the world are :  Bed Linen Egyptian Cotton, Baby Bedding, Table Cloths, Blankets and we have a great offering of Gift Ideas. Visit our website today.


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