Sweltering – the only word to describe the Western Cape at this time of year, and much of the country as well.  In Paarl, at Linen Drawer, all the fans are working full time and there is constant traffic to the fridge to fetch cold water for hot and thirsty staff.

Hot days are followed by warm nights and that’s when the fun starts. It is the time of al fresco dining.  Late sunsets are followed by balmy evenings; no wind, a slight cooling of the air and the only place to be is outside – dining and enjoying the wonderful summer evenings.  These are the times for counting of blessings and immersing ourselves in the absolute fullness of summer.

Of course these evenings are an excuse to bring out the beautiful Linen Drawer tabling – see some photos below:

Late summer is also the time of weddings and engagements.  There is no better setting for a celebratory table than in a beautiful garden, in dappled shade, with a table beautifully laid with Linen Drawer table linen, great food and wine, lovely flowers and the promise of the best of times.

Be assured that all our table linen is fully washable, can be bleached, and with proper care will last and last. We can customize your Linen Drawer table linen to your specifications with embroidery, satin or hemstitching. Odd table sizes are not a problem to us, as our experienced team can make table linen to suit just about any table!

Hurry – because the summer nights will not last forever, and March, the month of changes is coming.  It is a month to look forward to – mornings are darker, the sun rises later and there is a cool tang outside that promises weather changes.  The air has a clean shimmer that offsets the turning leaves and the summer drawing to a close.  The glorious days of late summer are still perfect for evenings spent outside.

Be prepared when the cool south-easterly wind starts up; wrap a soft and comfy pure cotton Horizon travel rug around your shoulders or drape it across your knees, have a look at the beautiful colours that will complement any décor scheme – indoors or outdoors Entertaining has never been easier!

Other products that Linen Drawer produce and or sell to the hospitality and Décor industries or to  discerning customers around the world are :  Bedding, Bed Linen, Egyptian Cotton and Towels are just some of the many products that we offer.


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