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We set off early on Sunday 6 August on our journey to Decorex Johannesburg 2017. A very long drive lay ahead – symbolic of our journey to Decorex exhibiting in total. Fortunately, no murders were committed and no speed fines incurred in the course of the drive, and soon we were concentrating on our Tom-Tom’s directions to the apartment we had rented.

The two days that preceded the opening of the exhibition at Gallagher Convention centre were frantic. There was much Gautrain’ing, Uber’ing and shopping. Hard work and amazing co-operation from our agents and furniture suppliers characterised these pre-show days. The absolute dedication from Johann and Ernie du Toit, Ronel Currin and the teams from Blockhouse, Ultimate Mattress, Persepolis and Incanda who helped us set up the stand. The result was FABULOUS! Our products were showcased beautifully and the stand at Decorex drew very favourable comments and many compliments.

We kicked off the show on Women’s’ Day – 9th August- and we attracted many visitors with our offerings of sweeties to “celebrate” Women’s’ Day. This led to curiosity about who and what we were, and an entry into our competition. Fortunately, the sweeties lasted all day, and we were able to give one to just about every woman that passed the stand.

The rest of the days passed in a happy blur- meeting the extremely trendy and stylish exhibition go-ers, answering queries and making new contacts. The friendliness and interest from the public was very impressive. We have vowed to return next year, bigger better and even more ready to knock the socks off all exhibition visitors!

Our drive back seemed shorter although we were really tired.There was lots of laughter and teasing but no incidents. The road was relatively quiet and the weather was good for travelling. Arriving home on Monday evening was so great and a thoroughly good night’s sleep was had by all!

As you can see from the photo’s Gauteng welcomed us and we are truly grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to showcase wonderful Linen Drawer products at Decorex Johannesburg 2017.

The winner of the Linen Drawer Decorex Competition was drawn on Friday 18 August 2017. He is Mr Alan Salamon, who will be visiting Cape Town next week and promised to visit with us at Linen Drawer. Congratulations to you!




September in the Southern Hemisphere is all about spring. Spring is in the air. Sometimes it is a chilly spring, and our optimism about summer’s arrival is quenched by rain showers and snow.

How to welcome spring into your home? Easy, have a look at your mattress! We have all seen mattress advertisements of the gazelle-like leaps out of bed. Incredibly these can become reality with a few basic checks.

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping or in bed. It makes sense that the comfort we experience here impacts on all aspects of our lives. If you think you need a new mattress because you wake up bent double and in pain, have a look at the following:

When last was your mattress turned and aired? Do you need a mattress-topper to improve the sleeping comfort of your mattress? Do you sit on your mattress when dressing? What does your bed base/frame look like? Who is jumping on your mattress?

Your decision to purchase a new mattress depends on your answers to the above. Should you look at a new mattress purchase consider the following:

Bed frames – height and design will be dictated by your décor scheme and personal preference. As your mattress lies on the base, it needs to ‘work’ with your mattress and not hamper the comfort you should experience.

Mattress – for a couple the recommended mattress is often a high-quality pocket sprung mattress, as it is beneficial to both sleepers. For those suffering from allergies a memory foam mattress is suggested as it offers comfort and is made from materials which are less irritating to sensitive individuals. Memory foam mattress also benefit those who suffer from joint pain.

There are other choices of mattress, of course – like futons, air and waterbeds in which air and water respectively provide the support. Adjustable beds with their specialised mattresses are also an option and provide comfortable sleep options.

At Linen Drawer, we specialise in ‘dressing’ your mattress – whatever your choice! We recommend pure cotton or linen bedding, and can custom make to fit any type of mattress you choose. Our motto is ‘comfort and style’ and we stand by that. We would like you to make the best choices for your sleeping comfort to ensure that the spring in your step remains there – throughout all the seasons!



Winter used to be a time of hardship and suffering, characterised by starvation and death. Fortunately, that is no longer the case, and enjoying the winter months is a very real option for many of us. With this in mind, may I make a few suggestions for filling the rather short winter days and long evenings?

Take advantage of the time indoors and take an online course or tutorial – learn to make something or polish an existing skill. Take a nap – of course under your Linen Drawer bedding or throws, but make serious and guiltless use of time indoors. Take this idea one step further by having a whole day as a ‘pyjama day’. Involve the family and read or watch television or home movies whilst lounging in bed.

Make some cookies or soup, and invite friends to share – a short winter’s day becomes even shorter when shared with friends and family. Lay the table beautifully, using your beautiful Linen Drawer table linen, polish the crystal glasses and treat your guests to a luxurious meal. The simplest food, presented beautifully, tastes absolutely delightful. If you don’t want the hassle of a full meal, try giving an afternoon tea party. Involve all members of the family in the preparing of tea time treats and decorating the tea table.

Does this sound too tame? Well then spend an hour doing some exercise or yoga. Online courses are often aimed at absolute beginners and it could be a fun way of involving the whole family for a couple of hours. Take advantage of a crisp winter’s day to take your dog for a walk – dress warmly, be brisk and the great feeling of being outdoors will warm you all day.

If you have smaller children, a story time hour is always fun- either read stories aloud, or make up your own. Give them a chance to add to the story. Get comfy under warm blankets and enjoy discovering the extent of a child’s imagination.

My ultimate favourite winter pastime is snuggling under a warm throw from Linen Drawer, a cat on my lap and reading a book by a favourite author. This is not very sociable, as my family reminds me repeatedly, but it is the only time that I can zone out and enjoy some ‘me’ time. When their nagging gets to me, I spring into action; cook something hearty and healthy, tidy a drawer or cupboard, sort out a wardrobe and generally perform domestic miracles until they beg me to go back to my book! Mission accomplished!


My to-do lists have been made since we exhibited at the Cape Town Decorex show, but I think that this is going to be a very different experience from the Cape Town exhibition. We had follow up, post-mortem and strategy meetings in order to clear our minds and prepare for the Johannesburg Decorex show.

Decorex will be held at the Gallagher Convention centre and stretches across many halls. The Linen Drawer stand is in Hall 5 and we are in stand L24. It is a corner stand so we are not easy to miss.

You are cordially invited to please visit us at the stand. Jimmy (our CEO), myself, Johan, Ernie and Ronel will all be in the stand at various times. We can assist you with any queries you might have about our extensive product range and how to get the most out of your bed, bath and table linen and you will have the opportunity to experience the wonderful Linen Drawer products first hand.

We are also running a competition – merely placing your business card in the proverbial “hat,” entitles you to an entry! For those who don’t have business cards, fill in the competition entry forms and voila! You could be a winner. The prize we are offering is a set of 400thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen in your chosen bed size in one of the new colours we are launching at Decorex Johannesburg.

New colours? Yes, you heard correctly: We are launching a new mini range of 400thread count colours, which will be showcased for the very first time at our stand at Decorex. They have been chosen because the fabric is excellent quality, wonderfully soft and lustrous, and the colours are on trend; dovetailing beautifully with the current Linen Drawer range.

Our agents will have the colours available to show you should you not be able to visit our stand. Watch our Facebook page for the sneak peeks of the colours and photos of the stand at the exhibition.

At Linen Drawer in Paarl, we have been very busy. Samples, brochures, hand-outs, freebies, ‘feeler’ samples, ‘waterfalls’ and embroidered items have been made and are ready to be displayed for all to see, feel and experience the wonderful Linen Drawer products. We have given our best and are happy to share it with you, so do pay us a visit and meet the team!


MIDWINTER – A time of the solstice – the longest night and shortest day. A time when the rhythm of time and days is subtly slowed and altered. A time of sharing and feasting. A celebration of the solstice as the days lengthen from then onwards. A time for connecting with our loved ones and families in celebration of life and living. A time of quiet reflection and the promise of future growth.

During these chilly winter days, our natural inclination is to turn inwards, contemplating and meditating. Spend more time listening, watching and honouring the slower, quieter rhythm of the season. Sharing of time or hospitality is also a way of honouring the season. It shows a faith in the coming harvest and plentiful times that lie ahead.

Traditionally the Yule time feast, or Midwinter feasts, happen to coincide with Christmas. But in the Southern Hemisphere midwinter is on June 21, the time of the winter solstice, and it seems silly to celebrate Christmas then.

The solution is quite simply to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas/Yule during the time of Midwinter. The love, caring and feasting which one associates with Christmas festivities are easy to translate into our Southern Hemisphere winter months. Who needs an excuse to be hospitable?

During the Midwinter celebrations, homes were decorated with evergreen branches to signify everlasting life, and the colours of red, gold, white and green were used to honour the pagan spirits and gods. No one was turned away at the Midwinter or Yule feasts. Today we keep those traditions – decorating our homes and showing hospitality to family, friends and even strangers.

At Linen Drawer, we make it very easy for you to join in this wonderful time. We have the most gorgeous Designer Table Linen with which to adorn your Midwinter feast table

Our Bayede range of table linen boasts a pure red set of table runner, place mats and tablenapkins – all brightly finished with contrasting ric-rac braid in the colours of the festival.

For less adventurous tables choose one of the designs from the Linen Drawer range: Purest White, Classical Damask, and Luxury Satin.( All these would ensure that your table during the Midwinter celebrations is ultra-stylish and a fitting tribute to the spirit of the days.

Picture the warm firelight glinting off glasses and plates laid on beautiful Linen Drawer TableLinen, candles lighting steaming bowls of tasty hearty food. The simplest meal becomes a feast, a celebration of life!

Get your wonderful table linen from Linen Drawer today!

Linen Drawer also offer some of the best bed linen, bathrobes, duvets and blankets and throws available anywhere in Africa. We use only the finest natural fabrics. Check out our online store at


Winter chills are here to stay for the next few months.  Whether they are a result of the rain and snow, or freezing frost and icy winds, they are not to be taken lightly.  At Linen Drawer we can help to ward off the cold with our range of soft, snuggly blankets, throws and bedding.

Our mattress toppers in feather/down or micro-fibre provide a wonderfully warm base to sleep on.  Add a brushed cotton winter sheeting set, topped by a pure down duvet inner, encased in 400 thread count Egyptian cottonor 600 thread count sateen weave cotton, and the result is just heavenly.

Still feeling a little nip of cold?  Well let’s add a mohair blanket from Hinterveld, or a100% cottonknitted Horizon throw from Linen Drawer.  Look at the incredible array of colours and designs to choose from – all guaranteed to warm and brighten even the coldest most miserable winter’s day  or night.


The month of May is usually not one we South Africans associate with the colour green.  In the Western Cape it is autumn, and often cloudy with rain and wind. Inland the first frosty mornings, with leaves turning shades of reds and browns, announce that winter is on its way.

In the Northern Hemisphere May is the month of full spring – riotous green!  Sap is rising and all plants are bursting with new growth and vigour.  It is the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day, which also has associations with fertility and rebirth.  The gemstone associated with the month of May is the Emerald – suitably green and very precious.

The colour of the year 2017 is Pantone col 15-0343 Greenery.  This colour and shades and variations of it are already weaving their way into our lives – fashion, home décor, make-up, architecture and gardens. This crisp bright green reminiscent of Granny Smith apples or freshly cut grass is officially now the ‘it’ colour.

Fortunately green is the world’s second favourite colour, coming in after blue.  Our eyes are more sensitive to green however and we perceive more shades of green than any other colour.  Green, in colour psychology, is the colour of harmony.  Managed carefully, colour can influence consumer behaviour and purchasing behaviour.

Green boosts creativity and is seen to be fresh and healthy.  It is perceived as positive and confident as well as calming.  We know that being in nature is beneficial to our moods and emotions in terms of health and stress relief.  Those of us living in an urban environment crave connection to the outdoors, and look forward to the fresh pops of Greenery coming our way.

The consensus seems to be to use Greenery sparingly – after all it is a very vibrant colour.  Effective use would be to incorporate touches of the colour into a décor scheme, and not using it as the predominant colour. Have a look at the touches of green in the pictures attached – touches add freshness and vibrancy.

At Linen Drawer we are always on trend, and offer our clients various products in the colour and shades of Greenery.  We like to highlight an oxford border of a satin stitched duvet cover or pillowslip in bright fresh green, or add a monogram on a white fluffy towel in this lovely colour.  Our Horizon throws come in Sage, a soft muted green, as well as the other colours that are so useful in décor schemes.  Hinterveld blankets  have a pure green mohair blanket in colour “I’m Ready”, as well as others in shades of green which will warm you as well as lift your spirits.

Whether you are seeking calm and harmony, or a dash of colour to add a vibrant update to your décor scheme, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.  This year allow the crisp, vibrant colour of Greenery to influence your mood and carry you through the year!

Linen Drawer produce and supply other products. In addition to our blankets and throws, quality bed and bath linen, duvets and pillows, we offer a range of table cloths and accessories. Your one stop online home ware and decor store.